World premiere of provocative experimental “Mirror Mirror” at the 2022 Annual Awards in September

Award-winning 17-minute British short “Mirror Mirror” premieres at the Independent Short Awards 2022 Annual Awards in Hollywood. Nominated for Best Experimental Short of the Year, the powerful hybrid film directed by Katya Ganfeld plays in the block 9 (Experiments & Dance) on September 18th, 10am, at Raleigh Studios.

Shot on 16mm, this fast-paced short follows a grief stricken woman battling with her sanity as her carefully constructed fantasy comes crumbling down in this retro-futuristic exploration of identity.

Katya Ganfeld

“This is the first of Robert Calvert’s works to be adapted to screen and we have integrated him within the film too – teaming up with an AI voice cloning company to bring Calvert’s voice back from the dead to play the part of the AI mirror. Not only is this a story of grief and suicide but also one exploring our relationship with technology and its hold on us”, explains artist and award-winning filmmaker based in London Katya Ganfeld.

“Mirror Mirror” was awarded Best Film of the Month (Special Jury Award) in the season of April 2022.

Tickets on sale.

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