“Finding Abraham” opens Independent Shorts Awards 2022 Annual Awards on Sep 17th

Finding Abraham
Finding Abraham

Award-winning 30-minute documentary “Finding Abraham“, directed by Malcolm Green (UK), opens the screening blocks of the Independent Shorts Awards 2022 Annual Awards in world premiere.

 A film about a group of young Arabs and Israelis that join together for a road trip across the desert… to find Abraham. Visually stunning, an honest, open, challenging, unconventional insight into a peace process that, rooted in Religious conflict, is as much about profits as prophets.

Awarded Platinum for Best Documentary Short in the season of November 2021, “Finding Abraham” is one of the 68 films to play during the event scheduled for September 17th-18th at Raleigh Studios Hollywood.

Nominated for Best Documentary Short of the Year.

Check here the full program.

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