Her Call

Her Call

Mala, once a poker champion now turned addiction therapist, tries to help herself by helping people like her—people who can’t live without the thrill of bets, cards, dice, and the like. Mala has worked tirelessly to claw her way into a new and she’s managed to carve out a rather tight, but livable space for herself in the world. Mala no longer lives the rush of high stakes poker, but she applies her game-like mind to reading and manipulating people, primarily the men who keep lining up to take her on dates.

Mala’s makeshift peace gets tossed aside when her brother, Ryan, gets out of prison and comes to see her. He’s quick to remind Mala that she played a large part in his ending up in jail, and uses that leverage to stay with her while he gets back on his feet. Her Call is dramatic series that follows Mala, a recovering gambling addict and former poker hustler, as she’s pulled back into the life she fought to escape.
The series centers around the struggles of a young woman operating in a predominantly male environment, and the mind games played at the poker table.

Directed by Ewa Bielska (USA)

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