The Believers

The Believers

This film is the Story of Masood Khan and his father- both of them believe that they are the true believers and true Jihaadis.

Masood Khan, a former Islamic terrorist, is hunted by his father for nine long years. Masood’s father- Abba a terrorist leader could not fathom why his believer of a son crossed over to the Americans. How and why did he stop believing in Jihaad?

Abba finally captures Massod and interrogates him. He mentions the evils in the world that they had vowed to fight against- such as homosexuality, the Palestinian problem, sex before marriage, marital discords- things that is against the teaching of Islam. He asks Masood if he has stopped believing in Sharia and abandoned his Jihaad.

To Abba’s surprise, Masood still believes in Sharia.

Masood reminds Abba of the moment when he realizes that the beauty of the world, and the world beyond, exists only if there is free will. Masood tells Abba that when he was a terrorist, he took free will away from other people- be it the American hostage or his own wife. Masood believes that he is the true Jihaadi – who fights a relentless war with his own conscious to do the right thing. Masood tells him that even if he personally hates sex before marriage and homosexuality, he will die for other people’s right to choose so. He will die in his Jihaad to defend freedom- because that is the biggest gift from Allah.

Abba kills Masood. A coin falls from Masood’s hand. Inscription on coin is a conclusionary statement of the two convictions Masood Khan stood for: It represents his beliefs as well as conflict: One inscription in the coin says “In God We Trust”. The other inscription says – “Liberty”.

Directed by Andray Lamba (USA)

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