Find your Inner Raoul

Find your Inner Raoul

Find your Inner Raoul
Find your Inner Raoul

Award-winning documentary filmmaker Carl Eneroth (“All the Way”) presents Sthlm Social Innovation Lab’s documentary FIND YOUR INNER RAOUL, a story about Raoul Wallenberg, the Swedish diplomat who saved tens of thousands of Jews in Budapest at the end of WW2.

We visit Raoul’s sister’s home in Stockholm and retell the life of a boy with a father who died before he was born, following in his footsteps to Budapest to places where he worked and lived and was last seen in freedom. The film, however, is more than a compelling story. We use a workshop method called “mytodrama” to place the audience in Raoul’s situation and help them train their own civil courage muscles.

Do we teach students to listen to their inner compass today? How do we encourage a culture where everyone dares to show civil courage? Raoul Wallenberg Academy has developed a tool consisting of a film and a teacher’s guide to prevent racism and discrimination. The film is divided into five chapters. The teacher is pausing the film and allowing students to reflect on an issue.

The film has been screened to nearly 50 000 high school students in Sweden and some 1000 English speaking students, using the film with English sub-titles. It is currently being translated to Hungarian, as we are planning for an international launch.

“I actually did not have many expectations for the film but I changed my mind completely after seeing it. I thought it gave a lot of inspiration and that you have to dare to break norms and show others that life has so much to give, you have to dare to take chances and give your full self.”
Tilda, student in Enköping Sweden

“The film reminded me how important it is to act. The importance of leading by example and that the slightest action can make a difference both here and now and far into the future when those around me may do the same.”
Teacherstudent, Södertörns högskola, Sweden

Raoul Wallenberg was a young man who went his own way. As a Swedish diplomat, he worked at the Embassy in Budapest during the final stages of World War II. His deeds in Budapest are unique; through courage, knowledge, organizational skills, audacity, and ingenuity, he was able to save tens of thousands of Jews from the Holocaust.

Raoul Wallenberg was born in Stockholm in 1912. In 1944 he was recruited by the American War Refugee Board to travel as a Swedish diplomat to Budapest. By that time, the Nazis had already sent over 435,000 Jews from the Hungarian countryside to the concentration camp in Auschwitz. In Budapest, 230,000 Jews remained, who were restrained to live in certain houses and forced to wear the yellow star of David visibly on their chests. In Budapest, Wallenberg issued protective passports and sheltered Jews in buildings designated as Swedish territory. This way, he could save tens of thousands of Jewish lives. As the Red Army arrived in Budapest towards the end of the War, they captured Raoul Wallenberg. His fate is still unknown.

No Swede has had so many schools, streets, and parks, named after him as Raoul Wallenberg. There are monuments in his honor all around the world. He is an honorary citizen of the United States, Canada, Israel, Australia and the city of Budapest.

Directed by Carl Eneroth (Sweden)

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