January 2021: The Nominees for Best Film of the Month

Although I Am Retired by Feng Tian Xun (China)

Aquatic Bird by Nan Zhang (China)

Company by Lam Tsz Him (Hong Kong)

Counterproductive by Eva Tisnikar (UK)

I Can’t Go Back to Yesterday by Liesa Van der Aa (Belgium)

Käpt’n by Ben Blaskovic (Germany)

Lucky, Lucky by Jonah Lindley (Australia)

Mankind by Mohammadreza Nourmandipour (Iran)

Permafrost by Aeryn Lee (USA)

Poolside by Alex Kinter and Erik Schuessler (USA)

The Two Missing Hours by Jean-Claude Thibaut (USA)

Trees Under Water by Julian Simon Pache (Germany)

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