More Awake Than You Could Dream of – Mystery in The Ortsmuseum Binningen

Titel_im_Film_engl.MuBi, the good spirit of the Ortsmuseum Binningen wants to visit Margaretchen, the village church’s good spirit. She’s not home though so MuBi returns to the museum. Through the window he recognizes some guests in the museum’s cellar, who are still celebrating. MuBi disappears through the wall and appears in the crowd. He teases some of the guests, making them accuse each other. Since he is invisible to adults, only a boy and a girl, both utterly bored, can see him. He promises them an adventure and takes them on a trip through the museum where they first meet a real book printer working on an ancient printing machine. Then two talking marionettes cross their path. The bell of an old telephone leads them into the next room. Margaretchen is on the phone telling them about the tiles that have been blown off her church’s roof. The bat cabinet is the next station the trio visits. Hungry and thirsty, MuBi and the youngsters get to Lysettchen, the ancient village shop’s good spirit. She gives goodie bags to the kids to take along to the tiler. He is almost done with his tiles for Margaretchen. MuBi, heading to the next room, then welcomes his two guests with grape juice. The girl nibbles her candy and hurts her teeth. A good opportunity for MuBi to head to the old dental office in the house. Finally they head to the attic to see the exhibition of the «Fasnacht», a local carnival and UNESCO world heritage tradition. After saying goodbye, the youngsters promise to come back to the museum with all of their friends and relatives. After all the people have left, silence returns to the walls of the museum.

Directed by Werner Beetschen (Switzerland)

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