Award-winning Chinese thriller “The Decoding Game” at Independent Shorts Awards TV

The Decoding Game
The Decoding Game

This is how the diary wrote… “This was originally a game, but I didn’t expect it to be so inhuman. We tried to decipher all the codes to escape from this…. to escape the devil’s palm… No one wants to meet him… Trust me, You wouldn’t want to meet him… When the fog is getting thicker… you better hurry and hide… hide…”

The Decoding Game” (Taiwan), a tense 30-minute film noir short directed by Timothy Chen, is now available  for streaming at Independent Shorts Awards TV. Awarded honorable mention for Best Thriller Short.

“This film tries to tell the people to make the right choices in our lives. The film has two different endings, we could choose the main character what to do, and it will affect the entire story, so the whole project is like a TV series and this short film just a part of the story. We hope we can finish the whole story at future, explains director Timothy Chen.

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