British documentary “The Jewish 48ers” premieres in Independent Shorts Awards TV

The Jewish 48'ers: In the American Civil War
The Jewish 48’ers: In the American Civil War

A documentary film on the Jewish 48’ers who fought for the Jewish emancipation in Europe during the great revolutions of 1848, and who 13 years later became heroes of the American Civil War.

“The Jewish 48’ers” is the story of revolution failed and redeemed. Freedom Fighters, inspired by the social ideals of the American and French Revolutions to take on the Feudal Monarchies in uprisings across Europe in 1848. While these revolts were crushed and participants hounded, many found refuge and purpose in the United States.

The Jewish 48’ers: In The American Civil War” (UK), a 50-minute film directed by Peter Kovacs Rosenbluth, is now available for streaming at Independent Shorts Awards TV. Finalist in the season of January 2020.

“I believe unearthing the lost Jewish history can effectively combat Antisemitism. Our film is also the first colourised American Civil War documentary that features the Jewish experience, and the first film to teach about 1848 and the Jews”, states director Peter Kovacs Rosenbluth.

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