Award-winning cartoon series “Wacky Towns” arrives at Independent Shorts Awards TV

Thousand Dollar Chocolate
Thousand Dollar Chocolate

Cartoon series “Wacky Towns” is now available for streaming at Independent Shorts Awards TV. Funny stories about a place where citizens try to be the best people they can be in order to ultimately avoid death.

Episode 1: Game Changers

Chibby and Dicky enter a video game making contest so they can save themselves from town banishment. The only problem is that they don’t know how to make video games.

Episode 2 – Thousand Dollar Chocolate

Chibby and Dicky embark on a mission to deliver a thousand dollar box of chocolate to a rich people banquet, but things go wrong when it’s stolen and they have to replace it.

“It’s inspired by many friendly-looking cartoons, but has a cynical dark undertone because ‘being the best person you can be’ is not always a friendly idea”, states director Emerson Chan.

Thousand Dollar Chocolate“, the episode 2, was awarded honorable mention for Best Animation Short in January 2020.

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