Award-winning Italian music video “Extraordinary Men” streaming at Independent Shorts Awards TV

Extraordinary Men
Extraordinary Men

A story of a man’s life, which could be anyone’s life. Extraordinary are those who can find the right key to perceive the specialness of ordinary things.

Extraordinary Men” (Italy), a self-financed film directed by Ari Takahashi, is now available  for streaming at Independent Shorts Awards TV. Awarded honorable mention for Best Music Video in January 2020.

“This is another no-budget video for an independent, self-financing artist, struggling every day between a family to feed and the passion for music. I thought that the best way to convey this identity of his (while keeping costs at virtually zero) was to involve his actual family members and friends. We shot in his old parents’ house garage, putting great attention in cloth changes to give the idea of seasons and years passing”, reveals Ari Takahashi.

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