Thought-provoking microfilm “The Rural Road” premieres at Independent Shorts Awards TV

The Rural Road
The Rural Road

A mysterious man wakes up on a rural hillside. As he tries to orient himself to his surroundings and predicament, another man suddenly appears and admonishes him to go save the town.

The Rural Road” (USA), a 6-minute film directed by Stephen Radley III, is now available  for streaming at Independent Shorts Awards TV. Finalist in the season of January 2020.

“Rural America is beautiful. It is also a study in contrast between its beauty and the decay that has the potential to destroy many struggling communities. ‘The Rural Road’ depicts the struggle of an aging community, its fate, and the hope that lies within its own citizens”, explains Stephen Radley III. “A striking, thought-provoking piece. There is much to consider in just 5 minutes!”, adds Matthew R. Sanderson, associate professor of Sociology in Kansas State University.

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