Italian drama “Mr Franco”, nominated for Best Indie Short of the Year, arrives at Independent Shorts Awards TV

Mr Franco
Mr Franco

Italy, end of the Nineties… Mr. Franco is an old man who likes to “watch”, to observe youths, so green and lively, still unaware of the heaviness of life. He likes to watch them making love frantically, or discovering sexuality and excitement.

Mr. Franco hosts those youths full of life and instincts, in his anonymous and old house. He, fatigued by life, has nothing more to offer than a room in which guys can do prohibited things. He is a tired, lonely, decadent man, a creature of habit that touches the sin through his glance. With his eyes he joins in love rituals, without really being involved in them.

Mr Franco” (Italy), the mandatory 15-minute drama short directed by Vincenzo Palazzo, starring Gaetano Mosca, is finally available for streaming at Independent Shorts Awards TV.

Nominated for Best Indie Short of the Year, in 2019, “Mr Franco” was also awarded Platinum Best Indie Short and Gold Best Drama Short in January 2019.

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