ISA Annual Awards: The Nominees of 2018-19 Season

The following projects are the finalists by category of the 2018-19 season (selected from the pool of award winners of 12 monthly rounds, between April 2018 and March 2019). These finalists are in consideration for the 2019 Hollywood ISA Annual Awards.


Best Short of the Year

Gun by Edward William Wasser (USA)

Sea at Night by Kim Fabienne Hertinger (Germany)

The Ghost by Garrick Hamm (UK)


Best Narrative Short

Canicule by Leila Lamblin and Charly Destombes (France)

Snowfall Time by Cevahir Çokbilir (Turkey)

The Translator by Pagorn Jungrungruang (Singapore)


Best Indie Short

About Emma by Mathis Sananes (UK)

Karma Coma by Guillaume Courty (France)

Mr Franco by Vincenzo Palazzo (Italy)


Best Drama Short

Far Away by Nicolas Van Ruychevelt (Belgium)

Sceptre by Rouben Manika (France)

Whales by Nora Jaenicke (Italy)


Best Documentary Short

Bou (Bride) by Mahi Ramakrishnan (Malaysia)

Mariam by Mohammed Jaffar (Iraq)

Oymyakon: The Story of the Coldest Inhabited Place by Dominik Bari (Slovakia)


Best Comedy Short

For Muriel by Rebecca Shapiro (USA)

My Best Friend by Catalin Bugean (Romania)

Walter Treppiedi by Elena Bouryka (Italy)


Best Dark Comedy Short

Kill The Engine by Derek Frey (USA)

Rat Trap by Andrew Yeremeyev (Australia)

The Carpool by Jonathon Graham (USA)


Best Mystery Short

The Moon Smells Like Gunpowder by Mark Solter (USA)

The Visitor From the Other Side by DJ Carnegie (Canada)

The Woman From Television by Steffen Jenner (Germany)


Best Film Noir Short

Faded Love by David Leidy (USA)

The Cassie Confession by Robert Mann (USA)

The Sun Set in 1997 by Triana Peña (USA)


Best Crime Short

Niraya by Howie Cheung (Canada)

Polisi Maling by Randolph Zaini (USA)

Ruffians by Alexandre Jallali (Belgium)


Best Thriller Short

9,8 m/s2 by Michael Vaynberg (USA)

Down by Arnaud Mizzon (France)

Mamba by Sam Puefua (USA)


Best Horror Short

No Deer for Dinner by Yuhang Chen (USA)

The Desecrated by John Gray (USA)

The Feed by Josef Beey (Canada)


Best Sci-Fi Short

Eternal by ChunChun Chen (China)

Rumination by Chad Eric Smith (USA)

Stop / Eject / Rewind by Elliott de Neve (USA)


Best Fantasy Short

Sound of New Year by Lifan Wang (USA)

The Shroud by Marie Vandelannoote (France)

When the Train Stops by James Kerwin (USA)


Best Western Short

For It Is Written by Daniel Ståhl (Sweden)

Gage by Keith Wilhelm Kopp (USA)

Red Rose by Matt Linge (UK)


Best Experimental Short

Liquid Soul by Allen Phillips and Trampas Smith (USA)

Ouroboros by Dowon Kook (South Korea)

Quarume: Never Go Back by Arturo M. Merelo (Italy)


Best Student Short

Christina by Xiaoyu Yang (USA)

Eternal by ChunChun Chen (China)

Honey by Adam Robinson (UK)


Best Animation Short

Anacronte by Raúl Koler and Emiliano Sette (Argentina/Mexico)

God I Need a Girlfriend by Stefan Janoski (USA)

Tanguito Argentino by Joaquin Braga (Argentina)


Best Children Short

Blue Toes by Isobella Antelis (USA)

Boob Sweat by Charlotte Guerry (USA)

The Littlest Undertaker by Kevin Molohan (USA)


Best Women Short

Cue Jane by Qianzi Gao (USA)

G(r)o(w)ing Up by Annabelle Frost (USA)

What Happened to Evie by Kate Cheeseman (UK)


Best LGBTQ Short

Clarity and Chaos by Vittoria Rizzardi Penalosa (UK)

I’m Sorry by Lovisa Lara (Iceland)

Irish Goodbye by Adetokumboh M’Cormack (Sierra Leone)


Best Microfilm

A P E X by Stuart T Birchall (UK)

Beloved Stranger by Marco Gasser (Spain)

Limbo by Gokce Erenmemisoglu (Turkey)


Best Web Series/TV Pilot

Dark Specter II by Richard Tatum (USA)

Gold From the Sky by Jason De Ford (USA)

The Grey Area by Seth Ashby and Comika Hartford (USA)


Best Web and New Media

Cursed by Leah Rae Hulgin and JP Maddock (USA)

Manny Fantasma by Michael Carnick (USA)

Sounds of Freedom by Holly Chadwick (USA)


Best Mobile Short

Alex & The Firefly by John Woosley (USA)

David’s Here by Mark Oxtoby (UK)

Hunger by Michel Wild (Switzerland)


Best Music Video

Local H: Innocents by Felix Piñeiro (USA)

Never Always by Natalie Bible’ (USA)

We’re All Mad Here – Marquis Of Vaudeville by Toby Lawhon, Geneva Arena and David Antunes (USA)


Best Director (Female)

Kim Fabienne Hertinger for Sea at Night (Germany)

Qianzi Gao for Cue Jane (USA)

Xiaoyu Yang for Christina (USA)


Best Director (Male)

Edward William Wasser for Gun (USA)

Garrick Hamm for The Ghost (UK)

Michael Vaynberg for 9,8 m/s2 (USA)


Best First Time Director

Alexandre Jallali for Ruffians (Belgium)

Howie Cheung for Niraya (Canada)

Rebecca Shapiro for For Muriel (USA)


Best Student Director

Chunchun Chen for Eternal (China)

Elliott de Neve for Stop / Eject / Rewind (USA)

Mathis Sananes for About Emma (UK)


Best Young Filmmaker

Alessandro Schuster for The Boy With The Teddy (Germany)

Gabriel P Braden Due Process (USA)

José Esteban Pavlovich Salido for Béa (Mexico)


Best Actress

Alisha Seaton for Cue Jane (USA)

Bessie Coates for What Happened to Evie (UK)

Julia Gratens for The Shroud (France)


Best Actor

Geoffrey Carpiaux for Ruffians (Belgium)

James Reynard for Red Rose (UK)

John McNulty for Gun (USA)


Best Child/Young Actress

Isabel Clifton for Honey (UK)

Wen Xuan for Eternal (China)

Xochitl Gomez-Deines for Boob Sweat (USA)


Best Child/Young Actor

Felix Jamieson for The Ghost (UK)

Kaden Clark for Blue Toes (USA)

Roan Ricker for Alex & The Firefly (USA)


Best Acting Duo

Amélie Remacle and Mickaël Pinelli for Far Away (Belgium)

Andrea Rosaker and Cristina Toccafondi for Whales (Italy)

Lyanka Gryu and Pasha D. Lychnikoff for 9,8 m/s2 (USA)


Best Acting Ensemble

Catalin Nicolae, Sergiu Gobjila, Manuela Rentea, Tim Touhy, Reggie Luis Ruivivar, Alexis Green, Di Billick and Metz Jeffries for My Best Friend (Romania)

Mindy Sterling, Concetta Tomei and Rakefet Abergel for For Muriel (USA)

Vittorio Ciorcalo, Beatrice Aversano, Sara Deghdak, Mimmo Epifani, Laura Giannatiempo, Franca Kodi, Francesco Russo, and Stefania Visconti for Walter Treppiedi (USA)


Best Supporting Actor (Special Jury Nomination)

Danny Gavigan for Rumination (USA)

Danny Gavigan with Chad Eric Smith on the set of Rumination
Danny Gavigan with Chad Eric Smith on the set of Rumination


Best Cinematography

Cevahir Çokbilir for Snowfall Time (Turkey)

Douglas Milsome for The Ghost (UK)

Fedor Lyass for 9,8 m/s2 (USA)


Best Editing

Howie Cheung for Niraya (Canada)

Michael Vaynberg for 9,8 m/s2 (USA)

Xavi Trilla for Beloved Stranger (Spain)


Best Visual FX

Allen Phillips and Trampas Smith for Liquid Soul (USA)

Valentin Tuil for The Noise of the Light (France)

Victor Perez for Echo (UK)


Best Sound Design 

Denis Veihman for 9,8 m/s2 (USA)

Emilien Bernaux for The Noise of the Light (France)

META – James Thomas for A P E X (UK)


Best Original Score

In Lakesh for Far Away (Belgium)

Joel Humlén for The Ghost (UK)

Jonas Gobel for Sea at Night (Germany)


Best Original Story

Dan Staiculescu, Catalin Iliescu and Catalin Bugean for My Best Friend (Romania)

Edward William Wasser for Gun (USA)

Garrick Hamm for The Ghost (UK)


Best Short Script

Condemned by Ben Fiore (USA)

My Week With Maisy by Mark Oxtoby (UK)

When the Rain Sets In by James Hughes (UK)