The Other Side: Mountaineer

The Other Side : Mountaineer
The Other Side : Mountaineer

Hao Liyang, an HR manager from China moved to the UAE thinking it was the land of skyscrapers and sand dunes only. To her surprise, she found absolute bliss on the mountains in Ras Al Khaima. Hiking up through the rocky terrains and reaching mesmerising views at the top, she discovered the hidden beauty of the UAE.

The series of films depict the incredible journey of different lives among the expatriate community in the UAE, which comprises the larger chunk of it’s total population. The films portray different stories of people who manage to find time to follow their heart and pursue their passion. Depicting “the other side” of their lives, the film explores the minds of passionate people, and their lifestyle, on how they make the right use of their time and resources to do what they really love, amidst their busy work life.

Directed by Rajeev Thottippully (UAE)

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