Inventive “The Web Opera” premieres at ISA TV channel

The Web Opera” tells of a group of college freshmen and the invasion of privacy that forever changes a young man’s life. The film also encourages and supports via its website suicide prevention and the fight against cyber abuse. With “The Web Opera“, composer Michael Roth has assembled a team of progressive artists to create something completely new – an episodic through-sung web series based on true events, a groundbreaking and unique experiment in music, film, and new opera.

The Web Opera“, the 40-minute musical directed Kate Jopson, is streaming now at ISA TV channel.

The Web Opera
The Web Opera

Composer Michael Roth felt that an “opera” would help us find the emotion behind these small moments while keeping the larger scope of the message always present. The music defies genre, having moments of rock, pop, new music, musical theatre, and sound design fused together into the experience. The webseries itself also invents a new genre of “Web Operas.”

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