Experimental women short “This Body Has No Text” streaming at ISA TV channel

This Body Has No Text
This Body Has No Text

A retroactive catharsis through nature, body, and spoken word. This is “This Body Has No Text” (USA), the 4-minute experimental short directed by Sophie Bardos.

Awarded Honorable Mention for Best Microfilm in November 2019, “This Body Has No Text” is streaming now at ISA TV channel.

“I created this film, ‘This Body Has No Text’, in the wake of myriad situations in which I felt I owed myself to someone. I was sickened by it. The entitlement. Men who felt their attention allowed them complete access to me. But at the same time, I agreed. I was grateful for men who found me attractive. I owed them something for that validation. I owed them my body. Somehow I found myself becoming a transaction. But when I stopped — when I stopped paying them back — they got angry. They got angry that I hadn’t kept my end of this unspoken bargain. This film is about reclamation. It’s an apology. It’s a warning. To myself and to them”, explains senior college student Sophie Bardos, from Connecticut College in New London, Connecticut.

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