BholiBholi has dreams in her eyes and faith in her heart. She knows she can conquer the world. She knows it is important.
She believes that her education will make her dreams come true and will make the difference in her family as well as her own poor life. She trusts her uncle who holds her hand with a promise to give her the wings to fly.

Mumbai is a city of dreams. It really does make dreams come true. Bholi knew that this was where her destiny would also change. Mama was taking her to Mumbai and she was also excited to seek admission in a school in a Metro. New city, new friends and the new school was all that she could have asked for. The visuals of the City that never sleeps took her sleep completely away. Her happiness knew no bounds but time and again she would be transported back to her village and the fear of leaving her mother and the siblings behind would moist her eyes beyond control.

Bholi feels fortunate because her brother Babloo who is also wanting to go along does not have luck favouring him. Bholi’s uncle promises to take him also later on.

Bholi’s mother is sad. Really really sad. She feels torn between her poverty, her needs and her emotional self. She knows that only Bholi can bring some hope in her life that seems so worthless otherwise. She knows that if things were not this grim she would have never let Bholi go. But then she does not have too much of an option. Bholi is the only one who can change the destiny of the family.

Bholi and her uncle leave for Mumbai. Bholi is the story of millions of girls who live a life trying to meet ends but still continue to dream with a hope for a better tomorrow.

Directed by Amitabh S Verma (India)

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