Award-winning 50-minute comedy “Skin: The Movie” is streaming at ISA TV channel

Skin: The Movie
Skin: The Movie

When a socially awkward Midwestern woman inherits a porn studio, she plans to take the money and run – until her dead father and a band of misfits force her to face her fears, and learn that misfits are people too.

This is Skin: The Movie (USA), a hilarious 50-minute comedy directed by Ronn Kilby, streaming now at ISA TV channel. Awarded Platinum Best Comedy Short and Best Actress (Michelle Way), Gold Best Acting Ensemble and Best Sound Design (Ronn Kilby), and Silver Best Original Story (Ronn Kilby).

“‘Skin: The Movie’ began as a simple coming of age story – except the protagonist is not a 20-something rebel, but rather a 40-something shrinking violet who is forced to come out of her shell, ready or not. I originally wrote a roughly 100-minute feature. The script got some attention in festivals. I was all set to work a deal with an indie producer to make the film. But alas, that didn’t happen. So I put it away and moved on to other projects. A few years later, I realized I could re-write it to make a long short (or a short feature) and change a few things to have a script that I could shoot on a micro-budget”, recalls director Ronn Kilby.

“I began calling actors and crew members who worked on my commercial projects. Especially the ones who love a challenge. Asking them to work for nothing. Interest grew. Word spread. Next thing you know, I had an amazingly talented army ready to march. Now I just needed some cash for the basics. Insurance, location fees, food, costumes, props. I started a GoFundMe campaign. It all began to come together. When we did a start to finish the table read, it was real. There was no turning back”, he adds.

“We shot 40 pages in 20 days, plus pick-ups. Some days were bare-bones with minimal crew. Some days were all hands on-deck. We did an airport scene guerrilla-style with no permits. 3 times. We had a mishap involving 32 gallons of oatmeal. We’ve got stories. In the end, we have a pretty good little movie. As cinematographer Eric Addison said, we’ve ‘already win’ by just completing it – against all odds. It’s something we can all be proud of: A good story, well told. And we never, never, never gave up”, states Ronn Kilby.

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