Award-winning Indian documentary “Hijli Detention Camp to IIT – An Untold Saga” streaming at ISA channel

Hijli Detention Camp to IIT: An Untold Saga
Hijli Detention Camp to IIT: An Untold Saga

Dedicated to the sacred memory of the Martyrs of Hijli Detention Camp the film narrates the story of the building which was once a detention camp for revolutionaries who selflessly fought for the Independence of India. With recreated events, the film depicts some real historic incidents that had taken place in the building which still stand proud as a part of the very first Indian Institute of Technology. The film is a documented tale of real incidents, real characters and a portrayal of historic events and gives an insight into the true heroes who sacrificed their lives for an independent India. The building holding the history of India for decades is now The Nehru Museum of Science and Technology in the Indian Institute of Technology, Hijli, Kharagpur.

In British India, the district of Midnapore in Bengal became a hub of revolutionary activities. There were several organizations involved in the armed revolution as well as the nonviolence movement. The British wanted to divide the district along with the partition of Bengal. The proposed district was named Hijli and it’s headquarter was constructed near Kharagpur, but was never used for that purpose as the plan could never be realized. In 1931, the building was converted to a detention camp to keep the under-trial detainee revolutionaries..only to witness to an extreme incident of torture by the Britishers on the Indians who bled on the soil of this building during the second world war it served as the headquarters for American air force and lastly in the very same building the 1st Indian Institute of Technology was established.

Hijli Detention Camp to IIT – An Untold Saga” (India), a 24-minute film directed by Pinaki Sarkar, is streaming now at ISA channel. Awarded Silver Best Documentary Short in May 2018.

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