Season 3 of award-winning horror web series “The Grimoire Chapters: Rem” streaming at ISA channel

Independent Shorts Awards is proud to present the season 3 of the amazing award-winning horror web series “The Grimoire Chapters” created by Michael Davis. From now on, streaming at ISA channel, “The Grimoire Chapters: Rem” episodes 1-5. For mature audiences only.

The Grimoire Chapters: Rem
The Grimoire Chapters: Rem

In 1968, a deadly sleep experiment took place at the Parker family residence. A crime that would go down in infamy and sets in motion a series of events, leading to a startling killing spree in 1988. Who or what is the connection?

The Grimoire Chapters” was awarded Platinum Best Horror Short and Best Editing (Michael Davis) in October 2018 and Bronze Best Original Score in April 2018.

Episode 1 (41:06)

Episode 2 (27:26)

Episode 3 (29:36)

Episode 4 (30:10)

Episode 5 (41:42)

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