Disturbing award-winning drama short “Anita” premieres at ISA TV channel

This story takes place in one room, all in real-time. We meet Anita, a young and beautiful 17-year-old girl. And Hayden, a middle-aged man with piercing eyes, and is Nita’s adoptive father. Through the story, we discover that this father-daughter relationship is more unnatural than it may seem. Hayden has forced Anita to take prescription pills, coerced her into anorexia, and taken wrongful ownership of her body since he adopted her. Her world flashes red when he finally pushes her too far.


Anita” (USA), the disturbing 17-minute drama directed by Mariah Jones, is streaming now at ISA channel. Awarded Platinum Best Student Short, and Gold Best Women Short and Best Child/Young Actress (Kelcie Weber) in June 2018.

A mandatory short film.

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