Argentinian experimental short “Job Life” premieres at ISA channel

Job Life
Job Life

An average employee burdened by depression and loneliness, caused by the job demands of his boss and the eternal routine in which his life is imprisoned. Desperate, he allows himself to dream with an iota of freedom. Trapped to break with oppression and, with it, his existential emptiness.

Job Life” (Argentina), the 20-minute experimental short written and directed by Italian-Argentine Roberto I. Ercolalo, is streaming now at ISA TV channel. Awarded Bronze Best First Time Director and an Honorable Mention for Best Experimental Short in June 2018.

“This Argentinian film, narrated between metaphors, is a message. It is the symbol of work oppression and the empty routines that enslave most people in this era”, underlines Roberto I. Ercolalo.

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