Award-winning Japanese experimental short “Memories” premieres at ISA streaming channel

A man, having left his hometown of Fukushima, is working in Tokyo as a company employee. A woman, his ex-girlfriend and friend, is in their hometown of Fukushima. The man returns to his hometown after the Great Eastern Earthquake in 2011. Because of his shock, he suffers from a memory disorder. Seven years later, the man, who is still suffering from a memory disorder, is trying hard to remember the scenery of Tokyo and Fukushima. However, it is not clear why he started suffering from this memory disorder. The woman helps him to regain his memory. However, the woman starts to wonder if it was really alright for him to regain his memory.


The remarkable 6-minute “Memories” directed by Japanese Takamasa Iwasaki, is streaming now at ISA channel. Awarded Gold Best Experimental Short in August 2018.

“This is a story of the man, having lost the woman to the tsunami and anxious from his memory disorder, coming to the decision to accept his lost memories. However, in the end, it is not clear whether the man, who has decided to accept his lost memories, knows that the woman has died. What did the woman want from the man before she lost her life in the tsunami? How should the man face his lost memories? The theme of this short fim is ‘how to accept loss and memories.'”, states the director.

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