Experimental “One For Each”, on gun deaths in America, streaming at ISA channel

Marlon West is an Effects Animator at Walt Disney Animation Studios. He did a push-up for every person killed in gun violence in 2018. Each morning he checked the total of gun deaths on Gun Violence Archive. He subtracted the prior day’s total and came up with a number of push-ups to do that day.

Each set of push-up was posted on social media in a modest attempt to raise awareness of and in a small tribute to lives lost.

The videos were done in Los Angeles, CA – St. Louis, MO, – Chicago, Il – Shanghai, China – Guwahati, India.
The following is a second or so of each set. They were done from January 2, 2018, to January 1, 2019. 365 days.

14,533 total gun deaths.

One For Each
One For Each

Recipient of an honorable mention as Best Experimental Short in April 2019, the 7-minute “One For Each” directed by Marlon West and Tony West is streaming now at ISA channel.

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