Award-winning documentary on hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico premieres at ISA channel



On September 2017, Hurricane Maria hit the island of Puerto Rico, causing the whole island to blackout for several months. Because of the trifecta of Hurricanes that hit North America in 2017 – Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, and Hurricane Maria – the stories about the people of Puerto Rico affected by Maria were forgotten.

This documentary tells different perspectives of people and tells the stories by the people from different parts of the island who were affected by the hurricane. The biggest takeaways are that Puerto Ricans are resilient people who came together to help each other and that Puerto Rico is ready for people to visit the island for tourism. The more tourism the island has, the greater the chance they have to recover from Hurricane Maria. This is the introduction video to the “Maria” Documentary Series.

Awarded Silver Best Web and New Media in July 2019, “Maria” directed by Cuban-Mexican-American videographer Cuquis Robledo is streaming now at ISA channel.

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