Portuguese experimental “anexperimentalviralvlog – the movie remix # !” streaming at ISA channel

The 13-minute “anexperimentalviralvlog – the movie remix # !“, a very singular cinematic experience from award-winning Portuguese director Vasco Diogo, is streaming now at ISA TV channel.

A unique experimental short film that explores various editing and sound mixing techniques, an artistic statement whose effects cause a sensation of dream logic, or perhaps even a nightmare, that makes the audience feel trapped inside someone’s head and emotions.

Read here the ISA review of Vasco Diogo’s film.

anexperimentalviralvlog - the movie remix # !
anexperimentalviralvlog – the movie remix # !

An experimental remix of 15 vlog episodes, originally posted on youtube, based upon a reflexion on identity, manipulation, truth and beauty, that blurs popular influences with performance video and video art processes and ideas. A self-representation document made with a DIY spirit and an urge to work on basic communication principles, such as the confrontation between the artist and the viewer and speech awareness. The audiovisual manipulations function mainly as an expression of repressed emotions in the context of a confessional aesthetics.

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