Toby’s Song

Toby's SongToby, a mentally impaired young man, is looked after by his aunt Daisy one evening, when his parents get into a serious car accident. Daisy has to inform Toby that they probably won’t survive, and tells him, that they might go to heaven, where the angels sing beautiful songs. Toby believes, that he can also sing and make music like an angel. He makes up a song on his small, electronic piano and starts to sing it to this comatose parents at their hospital beds. With his childlike naiveté, Toby is convinced, that this way, he can prevent them from „going to the angels“. But when the odds turn against him, he remembers what his mother taught him: “Never ever give up…” and most importantly  “If one way doesn’t work, try it another way…”. So that’s exactly what Toby is determined to do.

Directed by Eric Ritter (Switzerland)

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  1. I played a visitor in the hospital Was a pleasure to be involved.

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