Portraits of Zanzibari Women

Portraits of Zanzibari Women“Portraits of Zanzibari Women” is a documentary about 7 mothers from Zanzibar who sent their kids to an orphanage in Dar es Salaam due to financial and educational deficiencies. Documentary starts with a question “ Can you define to be a woman ?”. It shows the perception of being women from their words. Women share their motherhood experience and their challenges in the life by answering simple questions about their daily lives. The documentary aims to tell the story of mothers who are challenged to live multidimensional poverty.

In 2018, 1.334.000 people in the world experienced poverty by Multidimensional Poverty Index. No doubt the most affected area is Sub-Saharan Africa where 560 millions of those people are living. United Republic of Tanzania has one of the highest percentage: 55,63 % of population is suffering from multidimensional poverty. Women are more vulnerable. The documentary takes you to a journey to Zanzibar which is known as honeymoon island and also will show you a face of Island which is rarely seen.

Documentary film is directed and produced by Deniz Bagriacik who herself met the kids during her Ph.D field research in Tanzania where they are living in extreme poverty. Bagriacik is an author, columnist, sociologist who is specialised in gender, poverty issues and about the foreigners in a society.

Directed by Deniz Bagriacik (Turkey)


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