1. Thanks for putting up THERE’S GOTTA BE SOMETHING MORE. Loving INDEPENDENT SHORTS and their support of first-time filmmakers. Rip Roarer Productions.

  2. Thank you for the consideration! What a fun project to work on.A fun experience from beginning to end.Fell in love with the story and my character from the first read. Working with such a creative director/writer and lovely cast and crew was pure joy all the way through.
    Thanks again
    Christopher K Johnson

  3. I also wanted to do a SHOUT-OUT to my CAST for an INCREDIBLE time filming and editing their FABULOUS work! Can’t get any better! Fiona XOXO My crew was small, but ROCKED, as well!

  4. Thank you Independent Short Awards for your support and representing creative expression. Such a fun project to be apart of.

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