Independent Shorts Awards


A lesbian girl needs to make a choice between her life and her hallucinated lover.
Directed by Desmond Lianng (USA)

Subastados (Auctions)

Salifú is an immigrant living in Barcelona. Through the news, he relives the ordeal suffered by many people who do not choose to leave their country.
Directed by Rui Lopes (Spain)


1943, a revolt broke out at the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp. Among the resistants, a famous polish ballerina. It is said that she disarmed a cruel SS officer with the simple grace of a ballet movement. Only her story has survived until today. Her name was Franciszka Mann.
Directed by Elias Djemil (Canada)

Being There

Kevin is an aspiring screenwriter who’s about to give up hope of ever making it. But when his best friend Samantha suddenly loses her father to a car crash, they both find strength and encouragement in each other.
Directed by David Michaels (USA)

Dark Fury: A Star Wars Fan Film

Ex-Jedi knight Mia who is gifted in the force mourns the tragic loss of her younger sister Kira. For retribution, she sets out on a journey across the galaxy to find the person she feels responsible: her old Jedi master Cade Raan.
Directed by Melanie Green and Garrett Turner (USA)