Independent Shorts Awards


In 1967, Austrian pianist and music scholar Paul Badura-Skoda wrote an essay addressed to his students. He then passed that on to his friend, my piano teacher, Eva Anastasiadou-Stange.
Shortly before she died in 1997, Eva gave me a copy of the essay.
This is my personal, lived version of that text.
“Essence” is a visual essay on creativity and inspiration, a meditation on the challenges facing each and every one of us – a tribute to our shared humanity and need for hope, faith and love.
Directed by Roman Gerodimos (UK)


“Vox” is a semi-romantic sci-fi drama that opens the idea of relationships between humans and artificial intelligence. It is an introduction to a new world and a possible future but is told through the small story of Vox (the A.I.) and Noah (the human). Vox is meant to be ‘a slice of the future.’
Directed by Akil McKenzie and Kevin Santos (Canada)

If I Knew

Featuring Elizabeth Butler, “If I Knew” is an acoustic-driven dance song about the intoxicating first moments of first love.
Directed by Tyler Casper (USA)


In the near future, after leaving the European Union the UK has fallen into an economic depression. Unemployment is at an all-time high mainly due to the influx of Artificial Intelligence and the erosion of many low paid jobs. The youth have suffered the most with very few opportunities for the future. The streets are violent and gang culture is at an all-time high. The situation is deteriorating and terrorist attacks are being carried by organizations that aim to bring down the ‘system’. They target the public with the aid of a mind-controlling drug of South American origin. London has never been a more dangerous place.
Directed by Soner Metin and Michael Hoad (UK)

The Blue Gate

A mysterious gate appears. It entices The Man a glimpse of what he desires. Slowly he starts changing the more he looks into The Blue Gate.
Directed by Peter Loza and Steven Low (USA)


A man ignores warnings and enters a contaminated zone in search of a missing family member.
Directed by Emmanuel Delfin (USA)