Dowon Kook, from South Korea: “Ouroboros is about desire, regeneration, and salvation”

Dowon Kook, from South Korea, brought us “Ouroboros”, a unique cinematic experience awarded by ISA, in July season, Gold Best Women Short, Gold Best Experimental Short and Bronze Best Director (Female). A short film absolutely mandatory.

OuroborosDowon Kook majored in Fine Art and worked as a reporter for three years. Her short film “Ouroboros” is the story of Miyeon, a 29-year-old woman, disconnected from the world, who used to live with loneliness and without any social life. One day, she went to a hospital to get a cure for a wound on the back of the hand. She immediately fell in love with the doctor. And she cruelly starts making wounds on any part of the body to find reasons to meet doctor again. The more her love grows, the more her body is covered by injuries.

Dowon Kook in a self-portrait drawing
Dowon Kook in a self-portrait drawing

ISA: Where did the idea of the film come from?

Dowon Kook: As with all movies, a story begins with the creator’s small experience and small daily life. The cinematic imagination is added to the motif event. My film also started with my trivial daily life when I went to the hospital with the injured back of my hand. After finishing the treatment, the doctor said: “Now, it’s over”. And the nurse who was next to the doctor said: “You can come back again after hurting you”. So, the film started with this joke. What if someone who has never been in love, or someone who is disconnected from the world and lives only in his own world, faces this situation? Moreover, what if the doctor is really nice and gentle? And so on. I stretched my imagination and then processed it into a film.

ISA: What does Ouroboros mean?

DK: In ancient myths, Ouroboros has the meaning of desire, regeneration, and salvation. I likened the process, in which the main character, Mi-Yeon, realizes herself, to Ouroboros.

ISA: The most powerful visual scenes were shooted in this woman’s house, a space so unique and so well-detailed. What is the message?

DK: I wanted to equate the character’s room with the character’s inner side. I wanted to create a very dismal yet beautiful space that hasn’t ever welcomed anyone though.

ISA: You were recognized by ISA with 3 awards. What does it mean to you?

DK: It is a great honor for me. I am very pleased to put my name on the list with many wonderful works from around the world and to know about their works.

Jaeun Koo in "Outoboros"
Jaeun Koo in “Outoboros”

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