Interview with ISA award-winning actress Jolie Chi, from “My Lunatic Lucy”

Jolie Chi, awarded ISA Gold Best Actress, brought us one of the most brilliant and funny performances of July season in Wanyin Tang’s “My Lunatic Lucy” (also awarded ISA Silver Best Comedy Short and Best Acting Ensemble). Watch her video statement below.

Jolie Chi in "My Lunatic Lucy"
Jolie Chi in “My Lunatic Lucy”

ISA: What made you decide to take this role? 

Jolie Chi: I decided to take this role because it was an unconventional, non-stereotyped, challenging character. I didn’t necessarily like the character but I wanted to challenge myself as an actor. I’m so glad I challenged myself because I got to experience something like Jim and Andy.

ISA: What did you want to tell the audience with “My Lunatic Lucy”?

JC: We hope to entertain the audience with our film of course. And that the girl can look as innocent as you want them to be, but they can also turn out to be your worst nightmare. Be careful who you date!

My Lunatic Lucy
My Lunatic Lucy

ISA: How difficult is to make the audience believe in the characters and how did you prepare for your role?

JC: It’s definitely challenging for me to play Lucy since she was such a weird character who is insecure, spoiled, and emotionally unstable. But I got to have a couple of table reads with the director Wanyin Tang, so that really helped me to prepare the character. And I created a whole backstory for her and figured out where her emotions came from so that I understand her history and the reasons behind her craziness.

ISA: Are you happy with the final result or would you change something?

JC: Yes! We are super happy with the result of the film, but right now Wanyin, our director, is still trying to perfect it to its perfection, and we are hoping to get the final version in less than a month! WOOHOO!

ISA: What’s next?

JC: So many things!! I hope I get to work with Wanyin again for sure! I definitely want to make my own shorts someday soon which are able to bring not only laughter but also influences & positivities to the world! So fingers crossed!

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