Pickford Theater: Block 2.4 – Tensions (Sat 11th, 3.25pm-5pm)

Spindletop: The Beginning

A poignant day in the life for Pattillo Higgins, the real life Prophet of Spindletop and first Texas Wildcatter. In 1877, a 14 year old Pattillo leads two Union Soldiers on a chase which culminates in a showdown outside of town.

Directed by Jason Leal (USA)

Little Philip’s Birthday

A short drama in Canada.

Directed by Hesam Anvari (Canada)

Little Brother

Keith, a “woke” Lausd schoolteacher, takes it upon himself to visit the strange South LA home of his absentee student, Lamont.

Directed by Dikega Hadnot (USA)


A taxi driver returns to work after the death of his daughter, only to come across the young boy who may be responsible.

Directed by Allyn Quigley (Ireland)

Hollow Tooth

Jason, who has just completed a military deployment in Mali, returns to his native village. His reunion with his father and the inhabitants of the village is glacial and plunges him into a state of silent suffering, before anger takes over.

Directed by Samuel Kaperski (France)

California premiere