Pickford Theater: Block 2.1 – Documents (Sat 11th, 10am-11.30am)

City of Widows

Despite being a group of over 46 million women, widows in India remain one of the most stigmatized, neglected and marginalized groups. “City of Widows” explores this tragic issue by showing one woman’s, Hari Dasi, emotional journey into widowhood.

Directed by Lacey Uhlemeyer (USA)

Far From Home

The heart wrenching story of a child whose life is forever altered by the social impact of climate change.

Directed by Felicia Talyor (USA)

Sockeye Salmon, Red Fish

Sockeye, a species of wild salmon, is born in Kamchatkan waters and spends its entire life in the Pacific Ocean. Only once does it return to fresh waters – to give offspring, start the circle of life, and die. It is an inexhaustible resource that feeds billions of people on the planet, restored every year! But soon, we may find ourselves facing the unimaginable: humans will exhaust the inexhaustible!

Directed by Dmitriy Shpilenok and Vladislav Grishin (Russia)