Independent Shorts Awards

The Bunny

This short film is a satirical thriller, which aims to confront anxieties experienced by students about how they choose to spend their limited time at university – whether to see it as a social or an educational opportunity.
Directed by Ruochen Zhao (UK)

Saved by the Pole

A young woman inherits her estranged mafioso father’s strip club against her overly religious mother’s wishes.
Directed by Jonisha Rios (USA)

Butterfly in the Fire

Yoli De La Cruz is a tough Latina woman from the streets of the Bronx who attends church and studies Krav Maga & MMA at a local gym.
But Yoli’s Ex, Xavier Montenegro, aka “Chango” named after one the most feared Gods in the Afro-Cuban religion of Santeria wants her back in his life and will stop at nothing until he has her. Aside from his army of soldiers, Chango uses black magic to defeat and destroy his enemies. Chango calls Yoli his “Oshun”, the Goddess of sensuality and love, whose symbol is the butterfly. Chango is ready to take over New York but is missing one thing… the strength and support of the woman he loves.
Directed by Michael Baez (USA)

Love Ghost: The Underground

This is a journey into the underground. Inspired by Dante’s 7 circles of hell, the video takes us on a journey to the darkest reaches of the human soul.
Directed by Mustafa Kandaz (USA)

Review of “Futureworld”

The story of ISA award-winning “Futureworld” is definitely what makes this short film extraordinary and intelligent, but another significant strength of this movie is the animation itself.

Sharecrop: Delta Cotton

“Sharecrop: Delta Cotton” features stories from the life of Sylvester Hoover, who was born into a cotton sharecropping family in the Mississippi Delta in 1957. Hoover recounts his family’s struggles to access education and voting rights. He also paints a vivid picture of daily life and the unrelenting toil of even the young children on cotton plantations.