Enola, early twenties, First Nations and an outsider in her small town in 1985, is humiliated and abused at a high school reunion party. Darcy, a girl at the party, helps Enola off the farm in a shopping cart, drifting on long highways through the night. Derek, a son of a late priest, the leader of Enola’s attack, follows them.
Directed by Shelby Wilson (Canada)


A man struggles to deal with the news that he has a terminal illness and only has a few weeks left to live. He decides to take things into his own hands, which in the end might be a mistake.
Directed by Austin Muratori (USA)

Last Day

Two high school seniors discuss their senior prank on the drive to the last day of school.
Directed by Landon Coats (USA)

Me Too

A young vibrant, aspiring artist, who thrives on chance, puts her absolute all into auditioning to a panel of producers and a casting director for a rare opportunity for a part in a film. What extremes must women go to for an opportunity to have an opportunity?
Directed by Ayeshah Rose (Australia)

The Bed-Dream of Dellingr

One man, one bed, one flat, one day, 12 streets of Arc de Triomphe, 12 hours for a daydream. This Sisyphus-tragedy revolves around multiple psychological dreams, about a self-abandoned man who had a biological clock reversed and lost his diurnal life.
Directed by Chu Jing Zhang (China)

Track 7

“Track 7” is a horror fantasy short film about a music track which has dark magic.
Directed by Andrea Tiatto (Malta)