Where She Goes

Drew has dinner with her fiancé, Ethan, at the Chinese restaurant they first met. They have been dating for a year and are about to get married. However, Drew seems to be absent-minded through the dinner. Ethan thinks that Drew is pressured because of meeting his parents soon. At that night, they coincidentally have the same waitress, Ling, as last year. Drew acts like she doesn’t remember. But after Ethan leaves for work, Drew comes to Ling and opens up a random conversation.
Directed by Moon Chandra (USA)


A girl’s father passes away leaving her depressed. Her cousin comes into town and spends the night before the funeral.
Directed by Brittney Rae (USA)

A Good Man?

Anyone can wake up, walk outside, wave to your neighbor, and do good things for the people around him, but in the end, what does it mean to be a good person?
Directed by Mark Mohn (USA)


A black student struggles with being labeled by others as he attempts to escape a rut.
Directed by Ryan Larkin (USA)


An insecure musician learns to accept himself when he turns down a cougar for career advancement.
Directed by Oboatarhe Ebiye Ikuku (Nigeria)


A teenage girl soon learns she can control a traffic light with the candy she’s eating and decides to have some fun with her new power.
Directed by  J. Samuel Ryan (USA)


After a fatal blow to the head in the boxing ring, underground street boxer (Ronan Mathias), loses all sense of vision. During his rehabilitation process, Ronan discovers his newfound abilities to visualize objects in front of him through a variant of echolocation. With consistent turmoil, Ronan goes against the advice of his homecare nurse and trains with his coach how to fight under these new circumstances. Fueled by vengeance and pride, Ronan reenters the ring for a final fight against the opponent who took his vision; only this time… if he loses… he dies.
Directed by Akil McKenize (Canada)

Frozen Lake

What can one do on a frozen lake? Nobody is there, but a couple tries to escape from the city, having a good time.
Directed by János Szén (Hungary)

Joakim Lund: Waiting

In this artistic video you can see how Helge Kallevik works amazingly with the camera in the beautiful surroundings of Haugesund City Park and Christine Elisabeth’s graveyard, and in his own studio in Haugesund. The concept of the music video was made in collaboration between the artist, Joakim Lund and the director, Helge Kallevik. The song itself is inspired by Joakim Lunds one month stay in Tokyo, Japan.
Directed by Helge Kallevik (Norway)