Independent Shorts Awards


It’s midnight on Easter weekend. A young man driving on an empty highway in the middle of nowhere starts to see many bunnies alongside the road. They all watch him pass by. A few km’s further down this road he is suddenly forced to stop when thousands of bunnies have barricaded the road.
Written by Sergio Hira (Suriname)


A sexual predator picks up a girl at a party and brings her home to have some fun. He tries to drug her after she has refused to go all the way. But suddenly the power goes out and he gets the tables turned on him.
Written by Sergio Hira (Suriname)

Black Widow Butterfly

Claire is a woman who has broken free from a very abusive husband after the death of her only child in Afghanistan. She meets Claude, who is a serial killer and looks to him to help her begin to live out her fantasies.
Directed by Benjamin L Ward (USA)

Job Life

An average employee burdened by depression and loneliness, caused by the job demands of his boss and the eternal routine in which his life is imprisoned.
Desperate, he allows himself to dream with an iota of freedom.
Trapped to break with oppression and, with it, his existential emptiness.
Directed by Roberto I. Ercolalo (Argentina)


Based a real event happened in China. The film tells the story about a child who has been sexually abused by her kindergarten teacher, suffers from the trauma for her entire life and finally commits suicide.
Directed by Liyanbing He (USA)


This story takes place in one room, all in real time. We meet Anita, a young and beautiful 17-year-old girl, And Hayden, a middle-aged man with piercing eyes, and is Nita’s adoptive father. Through the story, we discover that this father-daughter relationship is more unnatural than it may seem. Hayden has forced Anita to take prescription pills, coerced her into anorexia, and taken wrongful ownership of her body since he adopted her. Her world flashes red when he finally pushes her too far.
Directed by Mariah Jones (USA)


An obsessive young man hunts the outskirts of China plotting his revenge on the killer of his girlfriend and unborn child.
Directed by Pedro Correa (USA)


“Waft” is a passage of Ashvath’s life where he struggles to find where his Aradhya has disappeared. His life has taken a turn ever since the tragedy happened.
Directed by Vishnu Udayan (India)

Like Father, Like Son

A hard-working immigrant steals from his son’s, tuition fund, forcing the son to rob his father’s employer, further fracturing a relationship steeped in mutual desperation.
Directed by Doan Umer (USA)