Independent Shorts Awards

Inside Of Me

An introvert by nature, Patricia was numb to the world outside of herself-except for when she was immersed in the worlds of Goya, Cassatt, and Modigliani. That is until–he arrived — “Inside of Me” is at not so romantic story about love… and the love of pain.
Directed by Lena Marie Gonzalez (USA)

The Walk

Sometimes the wilderness can surprise us with companionship and sustenance until we reach the next stretch of highway.
Directed by Carla Ciuffo (USA)


Five hundred years of world art in five minutes, featuring three dozen iconic works rendered with nylon-tip pen and animated old-school style. Each painting is onscreen for three seconds; the transitions between them also last three seconds each. Made up of 2,500 individual drawings, with a musical soundtrack created by the artist.
Directed by Ronnie Cramer (USA)

Double Date

“Double Date” is a short drama detailing the complexities and dualities of bisexuality while also a being a story about relationships in general.
Directed by Patrick Gratton (Canada)

My Home

Seven years have passed since Great East Japan Earthquake of March 11, 2011. Even now Ghosts are wandering to return home with the “my home” song. They can’t find their home and can’t go home.
Directed by Reiji Ooba (Japan)

Evening of the Evil Eye

Two thugs attempting to rob a businesswoman get more than what they bargained for when they seize and attempt to destroy her Donald Trump fetish doll.
Written by Angel Connell (USA)

First Date

When superficial womanizer Rafael charms his way into Jenny’s bedroom looking for a one-night stand, Jenny has some surprises in store, and Rafael’s concerns turn quickly from sex to survival.
Directed by Donna Adja and Paul Laverack (USA)


Bagheera is the determined, young leader of an Indian Girl Scout troop. Abducted by a terrifying psychopath, she uses the skills of her many achievement badges to escape and serve up a scorching retribution.
Directed by Christopher R. Watson (India)