Official Selection: September 2019

Independent Shorts AwardsThe following projects (short films, documentaries, TV & web series, and screenplays) are the finalists of the round of September competing in 52 different categories for awards given in 5 sections. The acceptance rate is 13,7% based on submissions from 38 countries with a total length of 129:42:44.

A Big Mission by Longyin Zhou and Yujie Chen (USA)

A Family Reunion by Cristian Saliadarre (Australia)

A Normal Life by Leon de Levita (Netherlands)

A Small Room by Surui Guo (China)

Another Way by Mike Rogge (USA)

Another World by Nick Pacione (USA)

Antique by Ross Berkeley Simpson (UK)

Anxiety by Robyn Keen (UK)

Aphorisms by Sean Hogan and Femi Ladi (UK)

Baadastur (Unaltered) by Natasha Raj Mehta (India)

Backbeat by Martin Blank (USA)

Bar Flies by Anna Sagatov (USA)

Bei Dai Bay by Chuqiao Chen (China)

Beyond by Mira Rumpel (Austria)

Boozy Mickey by Benoit Perrin (USA)

Bottomless by Dustin Curtis Murphy (UK)

Bronwyn Goes Dancing by Christopher T. Lang (UK)

Buoy by David Magnier (Ireland)

Butterfly by Bonnie Foster (USA)

Campy Spy Musical by Sabrina Robinson (USA)

Casanova by Ulf Larsen (Belgium)

Circus Sam by Rayner Wang (Japan)

Claws Out by Dalya Guerin (USA)

Cold Cuts by Jose Maria Carrizo (Argentina)

Colombus by Ludovic Veltz (France)

Cure All by Yu (Cora) Gu (New Zealand)

Dedication by Brandon Hill (USA)

Deep Shock by Davide Melini (UK)

Deny by Alioune Binaté (UK)

Desert Flower by Pheonix Chu and Grant Dominguez (USA)

Die Like A Shark (Me Mate Ururoa) by Nick Epstein (New Zealand)

Dog Housecalls by Greg Checketts (USA)

Dollhead by Mike Egbert (USA)

Door to Purgatory by Alexandra Balda (USA)

Eleven by Chris Cossin (USA)

End Point by Rafael Cortes (UK)

Eyes Open by Jawed J.S. (Canada)

Far From Home by Felicia Talyor (USA)

Fathers and Sons by Chad Murdock (USA)

Fisherman by Brandon Jarrett Lawrence (USA)

Fixing Grandma by William Wonders III (USA)

Fog by Jessica Cummings (USA)

Forgotten Alive by Kiriakos Kotsinis (Greece)

Gaza: Still Alive by Harry Fear (UK)

Genesys One by Cesar Turturro (Argentina)

Get Up Eight by Gabrielle Rosson (USA)

Halwa by Gayatri Bajpai and Nirav Bhakta (USA)

Hejleh by Lauren Merage (USA)

Here There Be Tygers by Polly Schattel (USA)

Hit Parade by Kip Pearson (USA)

Hypnosis by Grégoire Vaillant and Charles-Edouard Dangelser (France)

I Love You Wally! by Simona Kubasova-Prakash (USA)

If I Could Talk To My Donor by Jayden Cummins (Australia)

Imaginary Friend by Zachary Rubin (USA)

Innocent Boy by Brock Cravy (USA)

K.I.N.G. by Rashad Frett (USA)

Karma by Julien Dolivo (USA)

Kensington in Crisis by Jill Frechie and John Ricciutti (USA)

Kindred by Andrew Lee Potts (UK)

L’eau Est La Vie (Water Is Life): From Standing Rock to the Swamp by Sam Vinal (USA)

Little Philip’s Birthday by Hesam Anvari (Canada)

Lizzy on Leroy by Seanie Sugrue (USA)

Luna’s Fortress by Pawel Swierczynski (Poland)

Man In The Corner by Kelli Breslin (USA)

Man on the Beach by Zachary Murray (USA)

Manic by Anthony Sarracco (Canada)

Mansion Rugao by Lucas Chengze Li (China)

Marras by Sami Mustonen (Finland)

Master Moley By Royal Invitation by Leon Joosen (UK)

Mi/As by Guillermo Orozco (USA)

Milk Tea by Chien-Ni Yang (Taiwan)

Mojave Shadows by Jaime Torres (USA)

Motherfish by Rusty Grim (USA)

Neutropia by Malique Harris (USA)

No Al Muro by Luis Pena (USA)

Non-Emergency by Roxanne Marciniak (USA)

One Afternoon in the Woods by Connor Webb (UK)

One Last Last Heist by Darrin Rose (Canada)

One Night Stand by Wojciech Zielinski (Canada)

Outside the Angel City by Taylor Bright (USA)

Post Truth: Or a Frustrating Experience With The Internet by Parker Cooley (USA)

Raw Pieces by J. Steven Madura (USA)

Rewind by Dustin Kahia (USA)

Roadside by Peter Falls (USA)

Sauce for the Goose by Luke Howe (UK)

Saving Grace by Gareth Knowles (UK)

School Crossing by Karla Caraballo-Torres (USA)

Seconds by Ryan Margetts (USA)

Shaw Boyz by Paul A Notice II (USA)

Sid by Neil Corbould (UK)

Simulation by Hashem Al-Ghaili (Germany)

Sonntag by Mariano Cabaco (Argentina)

Sonny Boy by Karolina Lisowski (Poland)

Spiral Walk by Sebastian Sabal Bruce (USA)

Strong, the Destry Abbott Story by Wiley Watson (USA)

Submission by Marko Jocic (Serbia)

Swiped by Derek Evans (USA)

Sync by Simon Morehead (Australia)

System Restore by Matthew Zavala (USA)

Tattoo by Farhad Delaram (Iran)

The Acrylic by Daniel Pike (Canada)

The Act is the Enemy of the Thought by Moritz Draheim (Germany)

The Almighty Card by Angela Wang (China)

The Bond by Xu Yimeng (China)

The Chase by Ryan Horner (USA)

The Crow’s First Flight by Luis Alberto López Portillo (Guatemala)

The Filligan Case by Enzo Croisier (France)

The Film by Lisa deSouza (USA)

The Georgia Honeys by Ash von Chamier (USA)

The Hippocampus by LiuXiaoJun (China)

The Itch by Connor McIntyre (USA)

The Junkie’s Daughter by Ning Ding (China)

The Picture by Adam Lipsius (USA)

The Psalm of Life by Ama Macdonald (USA)

The Rosy Summer Day by Nicole Shan (USA)

The Standard by Ekaterina Belinskaya (Russia)

The Strangest Fruit by Sergio Herrera (USA)

The Taping by Sam Ra (UK)

The Tree by James Sharpe (UK)

Trains by Robert Priel (USA)

Trigger by Rafi Tannous (Lebanon)

Trust Issues by Andretti Dante (USA)

Un-Dateable Britt by Jacob Swanson (USA)

Under The Forest, Above The Ground: Looking Back On Electric Forest 2019 by Steve Conry (USA)

VeeBees by Jessica Orcsik and Robbie Ryde (USA)

Viaticum by Lara Daans (Canada)

Waiting by Anthony Cally (USA)

We Meet On The Roof by Nicholas Sun (China)

Who Are You? by Manuel (Peta) Rivero y Hornos (Argentina)

Who The Hell Is Annie? by Elisabeth White (USA)

Wholeheartedly by Theo Francocci (Italy)

You’re the Apple of My Eye by Ying Jung Liu (USA)

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