Official Selection: August 2019

Independent Shorts AwardsThe following projects (short films, TV & web series, and screenplays) are the finalists of the round of August competing in 52 different categories for awards given in 5 sections. The acceptance rate is 21,2% based on submissions from 23 countries with a total runtime of 84:34:01.

101 Knocks by Alkiviadis Tzortzoglou (USA)

2 Below 0 by Tim Cash (USA)

A Common Name by Wonjae Song (South Korea)

A Cruel Healing by Zoe Zou (USA)

A Death Perspective by Jessica Orcsik and Robbie Ryde (USA)

A Home for Curiosities by Ben Tobin (USA)

A Land Where Children Play by Alexia Garcia del Rio (USA)

A Million Times Before by Barrett Edmonds (USA)

A Missing Piece by Grace Chang (USA)

A Remarkable Career by Paul William Dawkins (Australia)

A Renaissance by Prach Rojanasinwilai and Noah Ottersen Parker (UK)

A Year Ago Yesterday by Tori Layne (USA)

A-Symmetry by Sam Bradford (UK)

Alder by Vanda Ladeira (UK)

Alia by Sreehari Purimetla (India)

Alnajma by Gilbert Karam (Lebanon)

Anne by Vijay Renga (USA)

Be My Guest by Yulia Budovskaya (Spain)

Before the Thunder by Yelena Krivosheyeva (USA)

Body and Mind by Enrique Suarez (USA)

Bound East for Cam Rahn by Loi Huyhn and Jordan X. Waterworth (USA)

Carbon by Felipe Hermini (Brazil)

Caveman Did First by Jackson Rayfield (USA)

Chained by Ganesh S Bhat (USA)

Chaos by Giacomo Morlando (Italy)

Conejo by Valeria Jiménez (Mexico)

Dead Man Wait by Giorgio Molteni (Italy)

Deep Shock by Davide Melini (UK)

Dinner with Grandma by Christian Madsen (USA)

Down The Narrow Walkway by Diego Olivares (USA)

Dr. Friday by Nathan DuConge (USA)

Empty Space by Jonathan Kehoe (USA)

Extra Innings by John Gray (USA)

Fate Alchemy by Ace Blankenship (USA)

Fate’s Shadow by Michelle Arthur (USA)

Father Will I See Again? by Daniel Grasskamp and Fred Burns (UK)

Flight by Nils Kimmel (Canada)

Formation by Vesely Marek (Austria)

Forward by Ryan Vachon and Fernando Briones (USA)

Generation Z by Andrea Riba (USA)

Good Conversation by Jenn Gomez (USA)

Hello, World by Jiaxin Wang (UK)

Ian’s Realm by Chris Love (USA)

In an Empty Wood by Chia-Hsin Lee (USA)

In Her Image by Sungho Phillip Moon (USA)

Into Light by Richard Israel (USA)

Invisible Murderer by Jamin Wang (USA)

It Must Be Paprika by Aissa Rose Gueye (USA)

Joyeux Noël by Haley Webb (USA)

Just in Time by Christopher Martini (USA)

Kaeru by Denise Chan (USA)

Kate Schell: You and Your Shadow by Nick Rush (USA)

Killing Time with Lizzie Boredom by Elizabeth Theis (USA)

King of the House by Zige Zhang (USA)

Kneeling Sheep by Hai Rihan (USA)

Ladylike by Rachel Bickert, Emily Tapanes, Emma Wang and Lidieth Arevalo (USA)

Life to Ashes by Federico Mohr (Uruguay)

Lion Panther She-Wolf by Veras Fawaz (Netherlands)

Listen, Lana by Anthony Nelson (USA)

Little Hands by Rémi Allier (France)

Lost Treasure of the Valley by Robert Husted (USA)

Memio by Matthew Hanisch (USA)

Milk Tea by Chien-Ni Yang (Taiwan)

Moderately Put Together by Leigh Ann Biety (USA)

Modus Operandi of my Mind by Susanna Calhoun and Alexandra Carter (USA)

Mold by Sujin Kim (USA)

Mr Kunibert by Tapio Antere (Finland)

Mutts: Better Believe It by Nick Rush (USA)

My Declaration by Jiayi Li (USA)

Nightfall by Jordan Wright (USA)

No Dayz Off by Peter Calvin (USA)

Notary by Pooja Sampath (India)

Opposition by Justin Jahn (USA)

Painted Survival by Maria Perlifonova (USA)

Parents Inc. by Harald Zwart (USA)

Piñata by Stephen James Thomas (USA)

Pit Stop by Mikail Ekiz (USA)

Porch by Christian DiPillo (USA)

Postal by Naaji Adzimah (USA)

Pregnant by Anthony Longo (USA)

Prom Posers by Gal Ron (USA)

Rachel’s Eyes by Denman Hatch (Canada)

Re-Gifted by Eaza Shukla (USA)

Rendezvous by Seth Kozak and Damian Vielleux (USA)

Resolve by Austin Dragovich (USA)

Retrieval by Brady Morell (USA)

Road Kill by Tyrone Trullinger (USA)

Rush by Adam Brashaw (UK)

Silent Sound by Bianca Mihailov (USA)

Soliloquy or The Goose by Kainoa Jung Ruivivar (USA)

Sophie’s Map by Maciej Stolarczyk (UK)

Synecdoche Montauk: Wherever You Are by Oleg Trofim (Russia)

Terminus by Jan Pool (Netherlands)

The Accomplice by Liam Carter (New Zealand)

The Camera’s On by Andrew Aidman (USA)

The Difference by YuBin Zheng (Canada)

The Ebbing by Kevin Patrick Murphy (USA)

The Escape Room by Bessy Adut (USA)

The Gifted Ones by Chadaporn Mitinunwong (USA)

The Growling by Noah Jorgensen (USA)

The Guard by Shona Charlton (UK)

The House Where I Grew Up by Jon Walkup (USA)

The Influencers by Katie Burris (USA)

The Intangible by Lin Ziyan (China)

The Lost Mine by Mauriel Morejon (USA)

The Norwalk Witness by Travis Brown (USA)

The Nun’s Kaddish by Luis Ismael (Portugal)

The Pewter Bros. by Michael McCallum (USA)

The Sad Poet by Andrew Acedo (USA)

The Seat by Tomoh Ueda and Fusae Nakamura (Japan)

The Secret by Vishnuprasad Sasidharan (India)

The Sky Is Falling by Scott D Clark and Frank Souter (Australia)

The Three Bobs by Roxanne Marciniak (USA)

The Tigress Masque by Gowri Neelavar (India)

The Turtle Light by Rachel Pollack (USA)

The Wall by Rafael Araujo (Brazil)

Thin Walls by Dana Reilly (USA)

Thin Walls by Nick Canellakis (USA)

This Day We Saw The Volcano by Dagmara Wyskiel (Chile)

Tick by Bradley Dunn (USA)

To: You by Jiahui Liu (USA)

Torn by Lara Aslanian (USA)

Toska by Zoe Zou (USA)

Transparency by Mark Cabaroy (USA)

Trip’s Duplage by Spencer Squire (USA)

Two Peas In A Pod by Collins Abbott White (USA)

Tyler by Joel Junior (USA)

Unbecoming by Navid Mashayekhi (Canada)

Unconditional Love by Julia Meloy Goldsby (Germany)

Untitled (Sans Titre) by Clément de Dadelsen (France)

Vibrations by Isabella Issa (USA)

Walter by Helena Sardinha (USA)

Wee King of Nowhere by Peter Magát (UK)

When The Eyes Are Closed by Zhang Xiaoan (USA)

White Bicycle by Pablo Manrique (Mexico)

Womxn by Tara Lynn Rye and Magen Ashley Young (USA)

Wonderwood by Tara Lynn Rye (USA)

Wraak by Ivan Groenheijde (Netherlands)

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