When The Eyes Are Closed

When The Eyes Are Closed

When The Eyes Are Closed

Synopsis: A young girl moves to a new apartment, but she has a roommate that she doesn’t know. Every time her eyes close, a ghost appears next to her. It’s too late when she finally senses it. The ghost gets out of the apartment using the girl’s body and leaving the girl’s spirit wandering in the apartment.

My film practice aims to explore Chinese horror film. This film is inspired by the traditional Chinese philosophy, Yin and Yang. When people are physically or mentally fatigue, yang-qi (yang energy) in human body will drop, and at such times people will be more easily influenced by evil spirits.

For this short film, I choose not to use traditional horror film technique as building suspense,but to experiment something else, an imprinting effect to the audiences, which is the idea that “every time you close your eyes, a ghost may be next to you”. Every time you wash face, take a shower and so on, but you will never know. Because when the eyes are open the ghost will be invisible. I’d like to create lingering fear even after cinema.

Directed by Zhang Xiaoan (USA)