Honorable Mentions: June 2018

Independent Shorts Awards

Best Narrative Short: Forouzan by Mirabbas Khosravinezhad (Iran)

Best Drama Short: Last Call by Harrington Day (UK)

Best Drama Short: Loneliness of a Woman by Hossein Hojati Nejad (Iran)

Best Drama Short: Marguerite by Alexis Néret (France)

Best Drama Short: The Crossroads by Aliasghar Behboodi (Iran)

Best Indie Short: Actor Reel by Vibol S. Sungkriem (USA)

Best Indie Short: Blocked by Calvin J Walker (USA)

Best Indie Short: Grimshaw by Elyes Gabel (USA)

Best Indie Short: Mercury by Pierre Edelmann (France)

Best Indie Short: Rose Castle by Emmanuel Duchez (France)

Best Indie Short: To Almeria by Stephen Gallacher (Spain)

Best Documentary Short: Black Snow by Stephen Linstead (UK)

Best Documentary Short: Breaking The Cycle: A Peek Into Polygamy by Hayley Biddle (USA)

Best Documentary Short: Divine Beauty by Marcelle Abela (Malta)

Best Documentary Short: Faithful by Dane Christensen and Jenn Lee Smith (USA)

Best Documentary Short: Fusions: The Art and Lives of British Born Chinese by Sherry Lu (UK)

Best Documentary Short: Medea’s Walk by Mel Hsieh (Ukraine)

Best Documentary Short: Mother’s Day: The Forgotten Victims of Death Row by Linda Broocks (USA)

Best Documentary Short: The Kampala Boxing Club by Sean Kernan (USA)

Best Animation Short: Liberty and Justice: A Cautionary Tale in the Land of the Free by Salley Mavor and Rob Goldsborough (USA)

Best Thriller Short: Behind Closed Hearts by Anthony DiBartolo (USA)

Best Thriller Short: Hoody Man by Philip Rachid (United Arab Emirates)

Best Crime Short: There’s No Last Chance by G. Robert Daily (USA)

Best Film Noir Short: Echo by Pedro Correa (USA)

Best Fantasy Short: A Quest Through Fire by Michael Rooney (USA)

Best Fantasy Short: Magdalena’s File by Konrad Bogusław Bach (Germany)

Best Sci-Fi Short: Whisper by Di Hang (USA)

Best Experimental Short: Job Life by Roberto I. Ercolalo (Argentina)

Best Microfilm: Heartbeat by Nick Mandri-Perrott (Spain)

Best Comedy Short: The Fuckboy by Nathan Chang (USA)

Best LGBT Short: Papercut by Damian Overton, Manon Lewis and Danielle Redford (Australia)

Best LGBT Short: T(HE)Y by Caroline Callender and Silver Liftin (USA)

Best Women Short: Behind The Light: A Mashup Documentary by Stacy Poulos (USA)

Best Women Short: The Gift of the Magi by Sofia Streisand (USA)

Best Student Short: Collective by Edoardo Ranaboldo (USA)

Best Student Short: Drop Pocket by Margaux Hemard (Australia)

Best Student Short: Little Trees by Max Kane (USA)

Best Student Short: Resilient by Aloiz Krisak (Canada)

Best Female Director: Alejandra Hou for Pulse (USA)

Best Female Director: Annette Westwood for Whoever You Are… (UK)

Best Male Director: Gazanfer Biricik for GAB (France)

Best Male Director: Mehmet Tığlı for A Ferry Tale (Turkey)

Best First Time Director: Anthony DiBartolo for Behind Closed Hearts (USA)

Best First Time Director: Linda Broocks for Mother’s Day: The Forgotten Victims of Death Row (USA)

Best Student Director: Michael Rooney for A Quest Through Fire (USA)

Best Student Director: Travis M. Baker for Constant State of Flux (USA)

Best Young Filmmaker: Caroline Callender and Silver Liftin for T(HE)Y (USA)

Best Actress: Francesca Stajano for Fragments (Italy)

Best Actor: Brad Holbrook for Faded Love (USA)

Best Actor: Sam Puefua for Mamba (USA)

Best Child/Young Actress: Lara Rojda Ülgen for A Ferry Tale (Turkey)

Best Acting Duo: Kevin Fuller and Annette Westwood for Whoever You Are… (UK)

Best Acting Ensemble: Emilly Thomas, Joseph Lopez and George Duryea for The Gift of the Magi (USA)

Best Cinematography: Erkan Şimşir and Gökhan Deniz for A Ferry Tale (Turkey)

Best Cinematography: Gonzalo Menéndez for Mr. Larraín (Chile)

Best Cinematography: Mohammed Aftab for Waft (India)

Best Editing: Matthew Watkins for Papercut (Australia)

Best Editing: Mehmet Göksu for A Ferry Tale(Turkey)

Best Original Story: Ben Stahl for The Sorting Room (USA)

Best Original Story: Farkhondeh Torabi for Home (Iran)

Best Original Story: Robert L Butler Jr for Real Love (USA)

Best Original Story: Vlad Micu for Parasomnia (Romania)

Best Original Score: Julia Campana and Skip SoRelle for Mother’s Day: The Forgotten Victims of Death Row (USA)

Best Original Score: Kevin Rooney for A Quest Through Fire (USA)

Best Original Score: Michael Drew for Papercut (Australia)

Best Short Script: Prey by Sergio Hira (Suriname)