Gold Awards: January 2023

Best Indie ShortScreenlife by Antonis Karathanasopoulos (Greece)

Best Drama ShortMingming by 荣欣 张 (China)

Best Documentary ShortBravo Marcel – The Century Climber by Hannes Tell (Switzerland)

Best Comedy ShortPalabres by Raphael Dussud (France)

Best Action ShortDirty Rotten Tofu and the Gohan Girls by June K Inuzuka (USA)

Best Experimental ShortWish You Well by Nadia Guo (China)

Best Student ShortSenseless by Seth Dacio (USA)

Best Animation ShortRobo99 by Sung Cheol Kim (South Korea)

Best Women ShortDirty Rotten Tofu and the Gohan Girls by June K Inuzuka (USA)

Best MicrofilmTenderness by Adam William Wilson (USA)

Best Female Director: June K Inuzuka for Dirty Rotten Tofu and the Gohan Girls (USA)

Best Male Director: Thomas Dunzendorfer for Pinheiro: Ep02 – Refresh (Austria)

Best First Time Female Director: Sabrina Jane for Aquarium In The Fishbowl (China)

Best First Time Male Director: Jake Lockett for A Rush of Peace (USA)

Best Actor: M Hayward Scott for A Rush of Peace (USA)

Best Ensemble Cast: Anita Gillette, Brian Hathaway, Vishal Vaidya, and Christopher Bopp for Coney Island Surprise (USA)

Best Cinematography: Ray Wongchinda for A Rush of Peace (USA)

Best EditingInsomnia – 4:00 AM (USA)

Best Production Design: Nick Chang and Yingjie Jin for It’s Not About The Car (USA)

Best Original Score: Jake Boring for A Rush of Peace (USA)

Best Original Story: Jordi Calvet for Takbir (Spain)

Best Short ScriptJust Enough Cherries by Phineas Arthur Larson (USA)






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