Finalists: May 2022

All I Need by Sheng-Ting Shen (USA)

At Dusk by Logan Mansberger (USA)

Black Point by Joseph Manno (USA)

Climate Impact Asia by Liz Courtney (Philippines)

Coin Toss by Ruiyan Li (USA)

Everything I Could by Christopher Armienti (USA)

Fathom the Mermaid by Cathie Boruch (USA)

Fishlike by Yiling Yao (UK)

Free by D. Bigkrunch Tate and Eric Ptah Herbert (USA)

Fro Thizzle Reviews by James “A-F-R-O” Gutierrez (USA)

Imaginary Carnival by Bernardo Costa (Brazil)

Jive Featuring Monty by James Matthew Storm (USA)

Johnny Trigger (Level 4) Tech Error by Jerdarius Collier, Devarian D Menyweather, and Roc Nash (USA)

Just Another Memory by Lucas Nasu Nielsen and Ben Taylor (Canada)

Killing the Klamath by Jeff Ostenson and Charles Atkinson (USA)

Living While American by Sosena Solomon (USA)

Madness Incarnate by Olivia Wong (USA)

Mother by James Joseph Cutler (USA)

Outdates by Mariya Ranieli and Kevin Barba (USA)

Philip by Brandon Burket (USA)

Puberty by Jiabao Peng (China)

Quit Your Day Job by Almayvonne Dixon (USA)

Sam Presents by Troy Christian (USA)

Team 51 by Janeen Fagbemi (USA)

The Warning by Lee Roscoe (USA)

The Writer by Simon Vadas (USA)

Tierra del Fuego by Oleksandr Lozytskyi (Ukraine)

Under Attack by Joshua Nelson (USA)

What Makes Me Sad Is That (…) I Don’t Like You That Much by Guava Rhee (South Korea)






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