Chaplin Theater: Block 1.6 – Sci-Fi (Sunday 12th, 11.35am-1.15pm)

The Cage

The artificial intelligence assistant is trying to complete the painting so that she can help her poor master. But this painting annoys her arrogant master.

Directed by Hengrui Zhang (USA)

California premiere

Raze of the Cyborg

In the violent underworld of a future Asian city, a group of cyborg criminals abduct women to sell into sex slavery. When they abduct Grace, the girlfriend of an assassin, he seeks out the help of a black clinic doctor who convinces him that there’s only one way to save her: become a cyborg himself.

Directed by Young-H. Lee (Taiwan)

California premiere


In a world where the wealthy can go for joyrides or outright steal the bodies of the young, one former victim, a young woman, raises an underground resistance to fight back.

Directed by David Jung (USA)


“Permafrost” takes place in a world devastated by climate change, and follows a small crew on an impossible mission to find an artifact from before The Frost.

Directed by Aeryn Lee (USA)

California premiere


Based on the short story “Beached” by Stephen King, the remaining members of a crashed spaceship struggle to survive on an alien planet..

Directed by James Renfroe (USA)

World premiere