Chaplin Theater: Block 1.4 – Transgressions (Sat 11th, 4.10pm-5.40pm)


A suicidal nine-year old boy struggling with his gender identity crosses paths with an unraveling but lovable Drag Queen.

Directed by Fia Perera (USA)

Jack and Anna

“Jack and Anna” is an MFA thesis film based on true events that happened in the early 1900’s in Colorado. It tells a story of a young couple who live a happy life on their farm when suddenly a man from the past reveals Jack’s biggest secret – that he is, in fact, a woman named Helen Hilsher. After that Helen is put on trial for dress-crossing and same-sex marriage.

Directed by Ksenia Ivanova (USA)

Boozy Mickey

The film explores a chaotic “throuple relationship” in New York between Mickey, a 60-year-old alcoholic and Tommy and Eve, a fresh young couple.

Directed by Benoit Perrin (USA)

World premiere


On his 21st birthday, Vincent gets persuaded to follow his friend Bunny to a brothel where he will meet a woman that looks like his mother.

Directed by Gabriele Di Sazio (USA)


A young married mute girl who undergoes domestic violence by her husband and mother everyday, takes a crucial decision in her live to live with her loved ones.

Directed by Sreehari Purimetla and Aditya Joshi (India)

Innocent Boy

On an unforgiving dust-swept highway, a group of rag-tag hustlers, led by a loathsome Madam, preys on the desperados who have come for sex, drugs and Momma’s special milk. A young black trans boy in the throws of withdraw, desperate for love and affection, is relentlessly bullied by his brother in trade, but things change when a ruthless Cowboy rides into town.

Directed by Brock Cravy (USA).