Chaplin Theater: Block 1.2 – Sci-Fi (Sat 11th, 12pm-1.40pm)

Nice Shoes

A sci-fi extravaganza that is as pointless as the lyrics. Over 40 classic movie references are featured in this epic music video.

Directed by Jonathan Lawrence (USA)


In some city in the year 2040, with a sun that has begun to get sick, life passes linked to the technological advances developed in recent years, but Julia does not care about any of that, she is tired of pursuing her dreams and not getting them. However, his life has taken a turn and she has the possibility of escaping, changing things, starting over, and is convinced.

Directed by Borja Escribano (Spain)

Tender is the Kiss

Will he find the mysterious woman who might be the only one to prove his innocence?

Directed by Longwei Deng (USA)


“Amara” is a short film in which the titular protagonist, spurred on by a cataclysmic celestial event, must embark on a pilgrimage through her barren and desolate world. Battling doubt and fear of the unknown, her courage and strength become her only guides on a journey to salvation.

Directed by Ethan Chancer (USA)

The Last Man on Earth

As a young television news reporter, Annie Harper covered the exciting story of “Evolution 2”; the vaccine that promised to eradicate all birth defects in an attempt to achieve genetic perfection. Now, in the aftermath of a resultant global pandemic, Annie is a sole survivor who shelters in the devastatingly lonely spaces of the television studios, broadcasting a desperate message in the hope of finding other survivors.

Directed by April Phillips (New Zealand)

The Attaché

The Attaché joins troubled lovebirds Rian and Liz on a scenic hike as it is interrupted by a shocking, fiery plane crash. Without a cell signal to call for help, they rush to the aid of the lone living passenger.

Directed by André Stringer (USA)

World premiere



An advance alien civilization builds a simulated reality where infinite beings, including humans, are imprisoned.

Directed by Hashem Al-Ghaili (Germany)