Chaplin Theater: Block 1.1 – Crimes (Sat 11th, 10am-11.45am)

Violet Rain

In the near future a female rogue assassin is hired to find and eliminate evidence that could undermine the largest virtual currency network in the world. Who really is in control? The journey of what is real and what is not is explored as she exotically dances with her weapons in a musically driven time sensitive world full of death and destruction.

Directed by Shaun Lupton (USA)


“Scars” is a short film born from a writing prompt response by user u/wercwercwerc. It received over a million views, tens of thousands of upvotes, and was gilded ten times. In a world where every lie a person tells leaves a permanent mark on their body, the new boot camp instructor without a single scar is an anomaly… until one cadet discovers a single, massive sore across his back, leaving everyone on base wondering what terrible lie could create something so gruesome.

Directed by Jonny Zeller (USA)

One Last Last Heist

An armed robber sets up his heartbroken buddy on a meet cute – during a heist.

Directed by Darrin Rose (Canada)

Fashion Alibi

Directed by Burt Raynal (France)

Thumb Runner

Expect action, expect drama, expect comedy. A cast of bizarre characters with outlandish backgrounds and talents make for mindless entertainment at its essence, dragging us through the strange world of low level gangsters who haven’t fully realized their dangerous and violent schemes.

Directed by Dylan Bruno and Kasper Vejlø Kristensen (USA)