Independent Shorts Awards

Touttay (Parrots)

This is a story of a theater personality, who has written a play which is adapted from a poem. When he is trying to perform it into a stage play, then some influential people, with hidden agendas become his obstacle.
Directed by Shashank Shekar Singh (India)


During the WWII North African campaign, a German sniper of the AfrikaKorps and a U.S. Combat engineer find themselves the sole survivors of a battle. They must reluctantly join forces to escape a marauding band of desert nomads and the unforgiving desolation of the Sahara desert. During their odyssey, the )German relates the destruction of his country due to following their corrupt politicians. He regrets not stopping them before it was too late. It’s a specter from the past that sadly parallels many aspects of our society today. The German soon realizes his own government is the real enemy of his people and struggles to find the courage (Tapferkeit) to stop them.
Directed by Joseph Quinn (USA)

The Heartthrob

A young married woman and mother of two kids is forced to make a business trip. Behind this room is hiding in fact a big secret. It’s during this day that the curtain will fall and the truth will take place.
Directed by Gazanfer Biricik (France)

Circle of Eight

A group of friends takes matters into there own hands to help a friend escape her abusive husband. Things go left and the bond that was once tight begins to break turning them against one another when the ultimate betrayal comes to the surface. As these friends turn to foes only one will be left standing. In this Thriller – Suspense – Drama the saying goes “Keep your friends close but your enemies closer”.
Written by Kathryn L. Scurry (USA)

Justice By Blood

Nick Payne is not your average detective. When it comes to getting the job done he always gets his man. When he comes across a case involving a woman who is being physically abused by her husband he steps in to protect her only for her to go back putting his badge on the line. As they become closer they discover they have a lot in common. Can he convince her to leave for good before it’s too late?
Written by Kathryn L. Scurry (USA)

The Storm

When Cameron Morris returns to his hometown to search for his mother following the aftermath of a deadly storm, he struggles to reconnect with his Aunt Evelyn and his brother Ethan in light of a family estrangement. When they are brought back together, tension builds up between them and Ethan questions his motives in returning home. The stakes rise after they find their mother deceased in the woods, and Ethan keeps her last will and testament out of Cameron’s hands. As another storm front approaches, Cameron confronts Ethan about the will and is overcome with rage and strangles his brother inside the storm shelter. After the storm passes, Cameron is overcome with grief and regret when he realizes the gravity of his blind anger.
Directed by Benjamin Crane (USA)

Sweet Soul in Exile

“Sweet Soul in Exile” is an odic encapsulation of the eviction of prominent sculptor, Deborah Masters from her loft of twenty years at 475 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn NY.
Directed by Tyler A. Chase (USA)